Day 64 Sides Galore!

Today I actually bought the lunch.  The choices were Grilled Cheese or Lasagna.  I chose the Lasagna.  It actually isn’t too bad….tastes comparable to the frozen ones.  But I was amazed by what came with it: French fries, edamame, apple slices, a pear, and a juice!  That’s a lot of food….I think they were cleaning out the walk-in, so they had to get rid of everything before we went on Winter Break!  Just not so sure about the french fries….

Happy Holidays to all!!

We will be back on Monday, January 10th!!  Happy New Year!!



Day 63 Guilty….Class Christmas Party!

Yes…I know….healthy choices and good nutrition is what we talk about all the time.  Trying to instill good eating habits….but one day out of the year can’t be all that bad, right?!

I brought the pizza and the kids signed up to bring the rest….we did have more fruit on the list, but this is what showed up!  We did have carrots, grapes, and water!

Now for the not so healthy stuff…

At least these were homemade…

That is all for today….tomorrow is Friday!


Day 62 Ugh…Let’s just move on to Day 63!

It was so hectic today and we were so involved in a project that I forgot about lunch and we went out 20 minutes late!!  Oops…That left only time to eat and no play for my kids today…sorry!  Sooo….Pepperoni Calzone and Uncrustables…that’s it!

That’s all for today….extremely boring!!


Day 61 Chicken Patty=Giant Chicken Nugget

Today’s lunch choice included Breaded Chicken Patty Sandwich, Spaghetti and Meatballs, and of course, the Yogurt Trio!  We just had Chicken Nuggets yesterday, so I don’t think they should serve the Chicken Patty so soon…it’s just like a giant Chicken Nugget!!

Spaghetti and Meatballs!

Awww…what a coincidence!

Yogurt Trio!

I think they have been serving the bag o’ grapes all week long….must be cleaning the fridge before break!


Day 60 Note of Thanks!

Thank you to those few that check in regularly and view this blog….I know it can be boring….really boring….I’m hoping it will get better…maybe I will come across something really good sooner than later!!

But this is what is being served….really.


Day 60 Cold Nuggets and Cheese Pizza

Monday Chicken Nuggets….cold…dry…rubbery…adjectives to describe today’s entree! Where are the vegetables or fresh fruit?

Cheese pizza…


Day 59 Fish Nuggets and other things…

Friday Fish Nuggets…..but I do like this tray with the additional Goldfish crackers!  It’s the Seafood Platter…

Good ol’ Mac and Cheese!!

I never get tired of this….