Day 35 Friday Fish Nuggets

Today was either Breaded Fish Nuggets with Green Beans, or Macaroni Au Gratin with potato wedges!!  Hmmm…I can tell you, a whole lot of students were not choosing the green beans!!  Fish Nuggets first…

Finally, green on the tray!

Good ol’ Mac and Cheese…. a little carb heavy today….

Yes, those are potato slices, not apple slices.  Or I should say potato wedges.

Playing with food…

It’s going to take a long time to eat it like this!

mmmm….that was good!

Strawberry Cup!


Day 34 Rectangular Pizza

Sliced Pepperoni Pizza (of course!) and Vegetarian Sweet and Sour with Brown Rice.  But only one entree again today…and guess which one?!…!


Frozen Chocolate Cup….

non dairy delight!


chocolate pools

fun with grapes…

Day 32 Happy Meals!

A smile says it all….especially when it is made with ketchup!

Glad to see kids making their meals fun!  I’ll have the burger with a side of Froot Loops please….

I just found this tray all by itself.  Where did the eater go?  I guess they had to leave in mid squeeze!

Our weekly toasted cheese…

Yikes! What????

Deconstructed pepperoni pizza….  I kid you not, I saw a little kinder student eating their pizza after they tore it up into little bite size morsels!

Very old (vintage) lunch boxes!!

One of our teachers brought these two older lunchboxes to show me, since I too, use a metal lunchbox to bring my food.  But mine aren’t nearly as cool as these….

It’s Green Bay vs Chicago!!  In nice shape!  Embossed pictures  with all the NFL team logos around the sides!

check this out….

orbital food container…awesome!!

look at the inside of the top cover….safety instructions!!  so cool….like any kid would really ever read them!

does anyone remember this show???

Thank you for sharing, Mr. Power!

Day 31 Donde esta enchiladas de pollo?

The menu reads “Cafe LA Chicken and Cheese Enchilada, Bean and Cheese Burrito” but there was no Chicken Enchiladas today!  I wonder if they know that in advance or if they have to decide at the last minute to not serve something?!  Well…. here is the Bean and Cheese Burrito in all it’s glory….

not so pretty…

notice the size of the baggie of hot cheetos in comparison to the burrito….

not sure if this was a leak or on purpose?!

one of my students wanted to show me how he poked the straw right through the eye of the cow…..only from a six year old 🙂