Day 16 – Vegetable Bean Burger!

So many vegetarian choices!  Today there was a Vegetable Bean Burger or Vegetable Chow Mein.  The lunch staff was nice and offered us samples to taste!

Vegetable Bean Burger….tasty….needs some condiments!


Vegetable Chow Mein…..

The students really don’t seem to be enjoying the new menu items….:-(




Day 15 – Vegetable Curry with Whole Wheat Naan!

Wow….Vegetable Curry with Whole Wheat Naan or Chili Lime Wings with Sweet Potato Fries….or a Hamburger…..

Vegetable Curry with Whole Wheat Naan…..


Chili Lime Wings….




Supplemental snacks….

Bag o’ Kix!

Day 14 – Three New Items!!

Wow….three new items on the menu today!   New Orleans Turkey Sausage with Red Beans and Brown Rice, Black Eyed Pea and Veggie Salad, and what I thought was Albondigas, I think is the Caribbean Meatballs!!

Come take a look!  Caribbean Meatballs….


Black Eyed Peas with Veggie Salad….

    This was wrapped and sealed so securely that it was difficult to open it for some of the students!  So most were not eating because they probably couldn’t open it!!

Turkey Sausage with Red Beans and Brown Rice….


Most of the new items go unopened and most kids don’t even want to try it.  I was looking forward to the red beans and rice, but it really did not look very appetizing!

Maybe next time!



Day 11 – All New: Manicotti and Beef Stew!

Okay, two new items on the menu…..although I think I posted what I thought was Beef Stew already, but todays Beef stew looked a little different!                    Vegetable Manicotti with Tomato-Basil Marinara  and Chunky Beef and Vegetable Stew.

The Vegetable Manicotti looked pretty good!


The Chunky Beef and Vegetable Stew, not so appetizing!


Day 10 – More New Menu Items…hmmmmm

Ancho Chile Chicken with Yakisoba, Vegetable Chow Mein with Egg, Potato Wedges, and Fruit Juice offered on today’s menu!  Oh, and they were also serving Albondigas Soup, but it was more like meatballs and potatoes.

I decided to try the Vegetable Chow Mein….

  Tots were good!  Chow mein was not so good. 😦

    What a combo…tots and chow mein.

Ancho Chile with Yakisoba Noodles….I wasn’t ready to try this one yet!


Albondigas Soup….