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I am a first grade teacher at a public elementary school in Los Angeles. We are a low income, title one school and offer free breakfast and lunch to our students.

Day 175 – Last Day of School!

I have not posted for a few days…last two days of school were minimum days, so there were no lunches served.  We had some furlough days at the end of the year, so we did not have our full 180 days this year.  Overall, this year did see some improvements, LAUSD did try to implement new menu items, but they also went back to some of the familiar as well.  So much more needs to be done…we shall see what the new school year will bring!

Happy Summer Everyone!!  🙂


Day 172 – Pizza Encore and Spaghetti!!

Cheese Pizza AGAIN and Spaghetti today!



Day 171 – Pizza!!!

Cheese Pizza and Ancho Chili Chicken with Yakisoba Noodles today!



Day 170 – Last Week of School….Hamburgers!

Hamburgers today….winding down…I think they are cleaning out the fridge!  Two different kinds of bread/bun.




Day 169 – Seasoned Chicken and Tater Tots!

Seasoned Chicken and Tater Tots on the menu today!




Day 168 – Deja Vu…Pizza and Burger Again!

Ok, technically it is a Turkey Burger, but burger none the less…and that ‘ol Cheese Pizza too!