Day 135 – Winging it, again!!

Hmmmm….didn’t we just have Hot Wings on Monday, Day 132?!!!  Well, Hot Wings or Pepperoni Pizza.  Most kids chose the Wings!



OMG!!  Horrors of horrors! Look what I found today….the Strawberry Milk is back! What happened?  Why is it here?!!!  It’s supposed to be gone from our school!



Day 134 – A New Kind of Nachos!

Well, I was expecting Deluxe Meat and Cheese Nachos today, but wait, what is this…a change in cheese?!  Yes…no more gooey bright orange liquid cheese, but it looks like actual shreds of plasticky white cheese melted onto the Deluxe Meat!



And of course, Grilled Cheese…..



Day 133 – Burgers, Tots, and Subs

Hamburgers or Sub Sandwich…..most of the kids chose the hamburger, with Tater Tots, of course!!


Fun with ketchup…

        Just the tots, an orange, and a  milk.  No burger 😦

Sub sandwich time…..



Day 132 – Back from Spring Break, Wings and Things!

Well, it’s the Monday after Spring Break, and I forgot my camera!!  But I realized that it looks pretty much the same as Day 130, so….I’ll just have to borrow a photo or two and it will be just like as if I took it today!

    Done!  It looks just like todays lunch!!

That was easy!  Not much variety, that’s for sure!


Day 131 – Celery and Carrots, woo hoo!!

Fish Nuggets or Macaroni and Cheese.

First, Fish Nuggets…..


Mac and Cheese…


  Sealed for your protection!

Lot’s of celery!


Frozen Strawberries….

We are on Spring Break!!  See you on Monday the 25th! 🙂


Day 130 – Pizza and Hot wings!

Pepperoni Pizza and Hot wings today….and oh yes, the Vegetarian Sweet and Sour with Chicken!  I always see at least one student who has chosen it!

Let’s start with that one student with the Sweet and Sour…..

  It just doesn’t look too appetizing!!

But oh those Hot Wings!


Pizza time…..


Only fries today….

Melty Chocolate Launch…..